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TARDIS Set Tours at the Doctor Who Experience


The Doctor Who Experience have recently been given the keys to the Doctor’s TARDIS, and are allowing fans a chance to step through those famous police box doors at BBC’s Roath Lock Studios. I paid a visit to the Experience with a TARDIS set tour ticket, rather eagerly excited to see how the console room is brought to life.

The TARDIS set is stunning. I hope my photographs can attempt to convey the beauty of this immersive 360 degrees space. Production Designer Michael Pickwoad and the art department / construction team have honestly done a stellar job, because stepping inside this television set does really feel like stepping into a different dimension and into a living, breathing time machine. Especially seeing the set from the outside, held up with scaffolding and timber inside a vast empty studio, it’s hard to imagine such a fantastic space crammed inside. I was also delighted to see the beautiful painted memorial TARDIS used in Face The Raven and Hell Bent, which looks just as stunning in real life as it does on the screen.


The Experience is a short walk away from BBC Roath Lock Studios, and is pretty much a Doctor Who paradise. There are endless amounts of props, costumes and set pieces, all of which have been used in the show, spanning decades of brilliant design efforts and achievements. Ticket holders are taken through a brilliant interactive walk-through with a Gallifreyan guide to help the Doctor defeat a deadly foe, which kids and adults alike can enjoy. The gift shop is at the end of the Experience and sells just about everything you could possibly want as a Doctor Who fan.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then the TARDIS set tour tickets are most definitely worth investing in! More information can be found at the Doctor Who Experience website and I would suggest signing up to the newsletter to be among the first to know about TARDIS set tour tickets. Tours will be running from Saturday 20th February through to Sunday 6th March 2016 and more information can be found on the TARDIS tour page.




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